Orgonite is a mysterious substance that is a combination of metal particles, resin and quartz crystal. The positive effects of using this material have been well documented.

To help you understand about orgonite and how to use it along with the history of how it was created, please read the information below and if you have any questions please get in touch with us at


1. What is Orgonite
2. Where did it come from?.
3. About Orgone Energy.
4. How Orgonite Works.
5. Orgonite Benefits.
6. Where to Place Orgonites.

7. Orgonite Pyramids.




Orgonite is a combination of resin, quartz crystal and metals, this unique combination creates a (bio-energy) generator. The purpose of  orgonite is to transmute negative energies into positive energies using its internal crystalline matrix.

Orgonite generates positive orgone /chi/ prana energy that is known for its positive effects  on the our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Orgonite works by charging the environment with energy and converting negative energy into positive.


Orgonite was discovered by the Austrian scientist,  Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s, his work in the

1940s and 1950s involved experiments which compared this new found energy to the life force energy chi

or prana. He was able to measure this life energy using a modified Geiger counter

He divided the energy into 2 types (POR) Positive Orgone Energy and (DOR) Deadly Orgone Energy.

Reich figured how to accumulate this “orgone” energy. He created a large box  and asked people

to sit it in whilst he exposed them to this energy. He called it Orgone Energy.

The term Orgone comes from the word orgasm. By alternating layers of organic and inorganic

material he was able to attract and store the energy.

Karlz Hans Welz 

In the early 90s the German scientist Karlx Hanz Welz continued Reich’s work and found a more

effective way to gather this energy by casting metal particles in resin with a 50/50 ratio of inorganic

and organic materials. This was a more compact way of creating and using these energy tools.

The first orgonite prototype was a combination of powdered metal particles and powdered

quartz in resin.

Don and Carol Croft:

Don and Carol Croft have greatly brought orgonite into the public domain. Carol Croft is psychic and

found that  putting a quartz crystal into the orgonite matrix, it would not only accumulate orgone, but

it would also transmute DOR into POR.

Don Croft recalls the following:

“My daughter, Nora, was living with me at the time and was helping me configure my energy devices

by watching the subtle energy. When I cast metal shavings in a cup of mixed epoxy it became

apparent that this was a ‘step above’ orgone accumulators. When I held the orgonite behind a crystal

and directed energy, as we had been doing without orgonite in experiments, the energy was very

strong, easily felt by just about anyone.”

Don Croft has continued and advanced the original work of  Wilhelm Reich’s research and has 

introduced his techniques and technology to a new generation.


So what is orgone energy? It is the energy that exists in everything, and many different cultures call it many different things.

Chi, Prana, Life force, Ether, Zero Point Energy to name but a few.


Like the famous FORCE described in the Star Wars films by Yoda,  it surrounds us, its penetrates us it binds the Galaxy together.

Positive (DOR) & Negative (POR) ORGONE

Orgone can be present in two opposing states—the state of positive and life-nourishing


POR (Positive Orgone Radiation); and the harmful and negative DOR (Deadly Orgone Radiation).

DOR is produced by  human electro- technologies that produce EMFs, ELFs, and RFs, such as cellphone broadcast towers (Mobile phones, wireless internet , smart meters, and high voltage power lines. There are many people believe that the imbalance of orgone ( life force ) is the root of all emotional  and health problems.



Dr. Wilhelm Reich orgone was a combination of materials , created by stacking alternating layers of fiberglass / resin ( organic substance) and steel wool ( inorganic substance) this would attract and collect the orgone energy. But also be aware that Reich's Orgone Accumulators would attract both the positive orgone (“OR” or “POR”) and harmful negative orgone energy (“DOR”).

What is the difference between Orgone and Oragonite?

Orgonite works by attracting the etheric energy similarly to Reich’s accumulators (organic and inorganic material) with the addition of a quartz crystal. This use of the crystal is what is different from Reichs original work. As the Crystal is placed in the resin, the resin hardens and the shrinks enough to apply pressure to the quartz crystal , this pressure also knows as the piezoelectric effect has  been scientifically proven to electrically polarise the ends of the crystal inside the resin.

This effect is thought to be responsible for the transmutation of the negative energies into positive.



  • Transmutation of  EMFs, ELFs, RFs—electro-smog produced by Mobile phones, Mobile towers, Wireless internet, appliances, smart meters, high-voltage lines, radio towers, etc.

  • Increases people natural health, and their environment

  • Physically and spiritually – The powerful healing effect and natural balancing effects of Organite help to rebalance your natural energy, allowing the energy to flow better through your body and etheric systems.

  • Relationships improve -  Orgonite brings “HARMONY” to its surroundings, many people have reported massive improvements in their personal relationships, sexual relationship and work relationships ( when used at work ).

  •  Lucid dreams and OOBE – It’s not fully understood how this works but many people experience LUCID ( or awake ) dreams  and Out of body states when meditating with Orgonite.

  • Better sleep – Insomniacs place an Ogonite generator in the room, this usually take a few days to get used to as the energy can be so strong, but then it has been reported to aid deep and restful sleep.

  • Spiritual growth – These powerful devices work alongside present techniques and tools and magnify meditation and yoga practices, calming the mind and helping to balance your environmental and personal energy.

  • Water balance – Orgonite also improve the quality of water, charging the particles up with positive energy.


A common question is where to place your ogonite? 

Everywhere and anywhere in your home or environment 

  • Near your TV, computer, WiFi router, cell phone, smart meter, and other “smart” appliances that produce DOR and beam you the EMFs, ELFs, and RFs.

  • Places where you keep food such as fridges, cupboards etc.

  • Sources of  water, gas, and electricity to your house. 

  • In your bedroom. Placed next to your bed will help with circadian rhythms (natural sleep patterns).

  • In the bathroom. Perfect in the bath to charge up the water.

  • In the garden.  Any living thing will benefit from exposed to organite,  plants, food and pets.

  • In your meditation space. This will enhance your natural meditations.


Combining the ancient technology of the Pyramids and the  new technology of organite is where the magic really happens.

Pyramids have been around for years ( see our section on Pyramid technology ).  The shape of the pyramid and the contents of the organite work in unison to amplify the positive effects, whilst looking stunning in any location.  The Egyptians have known the secrets of Pyramids and it has long been thought of that the pyramids where not only used for burial but as a structure to create and amplify energy.   

Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s

Don and Carol Croft

Karlz Hans Welz 


We embed our pyramids with the highest quality crystals and because each one is hand made,

the process of making them and infusing them with light codes is unique to each one.

Depending on your requirements we can also make them to order, to help with particular conditions or purposes.

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